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My boyfriend gave me the sweetest complement a girl like me could ever ask for the other day.

It was not quite – “You are très belle, tonight, Mademoiselle” – but it was better…

“You are the best dressed poor person I know Jen.”

Matt has a way with words. You see, my entire wardrobe which is overflowing hasn’t cost me over $150. My dresser is full, closet is full, and I have bins full of stuff I have packed away depending on the season.

All my jeans are either American Eagle, Hollister, or Abercrombie.
Hanging up you will find the same stuff plus Express, Guess, The Limited, and Charlotte Russe.
Look in my athletic clothes and you will only find Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Puma.
Go through all my shoes and you will find Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, Etnies, Adio, and whatever the heels I have are.

I have so much and have spent so little.

When I was in high school – I wasn’t the best dressed kid by far. My parents didn’t have the money for me to go to the mall and get all the nice stuff- Walmart kept me clothed comfortably.

Once I graduated high school, I started going to garage sales and thrift stores. I spend less money than my parents used to and if you didn’t know me – you would think I was a mall rat.

To this day I have never gone into the mall and walked out with anything. Instead I lavish myself at the Salvation Army. Granted I get gifts of clothes so I do have some new things – but that is rare – and I guess I am picky.

So now, I am selling my extra clothes online and maybe one day I will go get a new outfit – after I pay my student loans, insurance, and all those other lovely bills.

So – if you want to take a gander – check out my booth on Bonanzle.


So I am no pro with the politics behind gay vs straight and that whole deal – but this is just an idea that popped up in my head – take it for what you will – I am just a straight girl that gets philosophical as she gets tattooed.

I don’t believe that bisexuality exists.

Yup. That my friends is my thesis. I don’t think it exists based on the simple fact that in the end (not always but most commonly) you end up with one person – your “soulmate” if you will. Bisexuality i think is  a state of confusion, or it could be seen as a path you could take until you ultimately choose what feels right to you. You can be attracted to the different sexes and have one preference over the other and not realize it. I think after you spend a while in the “bisexual” dating pool you will find that perfect fit for you whether it is a man or a woman will determine your gay or straightness.

This theory goes to crap though once you bring in trans-genders and all that jazz.

Just my two cents – I don’t think this should offend anyone but I welcome any comments you may have on this topics. My boyfriend and I got into a debate and he shot me dead in the water without really taking my ideas into consideration so really I am looking for a few honest opinions.

So i’ve been addicted to Daughtrys CD and after listening to the lyrics closely – I never realized how this CD could have been the soundtrack to my relationships during college…

You know that saying, you never know what you have until you lose it?
I’m starting to realize that it is more than just a saying…

We used to have this figured out;
We used to breathe without a doubt.
When nights were clear, you were the first star that I’d see.
We used to have this under control.
We never thought.
We used to know.
At least there’s you, and at least there’s me.
Can we get this back?
Can we get this back to how it used to be?

Sometimes you regret the people that are closest to you and you may never realize it until you fuck up. and sometimes its just to late and you dont get another chance…
The miles are getting longer, it seems,
The closer I get to you.
I’ve not always been the best man or friend for you.
But your love remains true.
And I don’t know why.
You always seem to give me another try.

At times in life you might see something as a golden opportunity, but you become reckless, its like a drug, and take a chance at losing something you truly care for.. .
And then I crashed into you,
And I went up in flames.
Could’ve been the death of me,
But then you breathed your breath in me.
And I crashed into you,
Like a runaway train.
You will consume me,
But I can’t walk away.

You could have one person in your life that you just treat as a bad habit and not realize it until they have almost destroyed you completely…
They’re gonna find you, just believe.
You’re not a person; you’re a disease.
All these lives that you’ve been taking,
Deep inside, my heart is breaking.

I have always been a forgiver but not a for getter. This has caused me to hold on to a lot of things and people in my life, but you finally come to a point when you realize that you have to let go, no matter how hard it may be…
Well, I never saw it coming.
I should’ve started running
A long, long time ago.
And I never thought I’d doubt you,
I’m better off without you
More than you, more than you know.
I’m slowly getting closure.
I guess it’s really over.
I’m finally getting better.
And now I’m picking up the pieces.
I’m spending all of these years
Putting my heart back together.
Well I’m putting my heart back together,
‘Cause I got over you.
Well I got over you.
I got over you.
‘Cause the day I thought I’d never get through,
I got over you.

You might think that you are completely over a situation.. . but in the back of ure head – emotions, ideas, and convictions will always be lurking…
What about now?
What about today?
What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love never went away?
What if it’s lost behind words we could never find?

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