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So, I don’t have insurance – Haven’t really for about 5 years now. So all in the meantime – I have become a self diagnoser – well actually, I have always been one. I recently got a job and now I am in the home stretch of getting insurance. 3 months to go until I will finally be able to go to the drs. without that overcoming fear of “how am I going to pay for this?”

My parents like to tell the story of my hypochondriac-ism as a child. When I went to the drs. I would come with a list filled with every last problem I had – even then I wanted to get my monies worth. One day I was reading the list off and the dr said, “looks like she has a case of hypochondria”. I looked at him and replied – “yeahhhh and I got it reallll bad!”

Now i’m older and thanks to the Internet I can type in my symptoms and scare myself sh*tless. Thankfully I can go to the drs soon enough and see if im crazy, still a hypochondriac, or if there is actually a problem.

Here’s my list –

I think I have exercise induced asthma. I had asthma up until high school – then I stopped playing sports that required running and I was fine. Now that I graduated college I am trying to get into shape by hitting the treadmill 4 times a week. I’ve been working on it since November and still I get winded easily. I am not overweight – don’t smoke – and yet I struggle to breathe at 1/2 mile.

Ever since I remember – I have had a picking/scratching problem. The drs always told us try a different laundry detergent and try this and that – but to this day it still persists. I will tear up my legs without realizing it and who ever is around me will have to tell me to stop. It’s worse in my sleep when I have no one to wake me up and to tell me to stop. If I do wake up or the scratching becomes persistent while I am away – I have to take a scalding hot shower and then I am fine. If I have the smallest imperfection on my face, I will pick and pick at it and of course it always gets worse. It’s an OCD type of thing (though not full blown) it may be Dermatillomania. I have run out of ideas on this one.

The latest thing that has been occurring is that I have been having severe cramping. Random times throughout the month – while rules out pms or anything like that. I will have sharp sharp pains around my uterine area, or lower stomach to the point where I cant move. Sometimes i’ll be walking and I will keel over in pain. The worst time was on this past Saturday, 3 hours and I was in pain. The pains would just keep coming- it consumed my entire stomach and lower back  – and I was sobbing uncontrollably from the pain. I would like to think that I have a decently high pain tolerance since I enjoy getting tattoos. I was with my boyfriend and he kept trying to get me to go to the ER and I wanted to go – but again, there would be no way for me to foot the bill.  So I have no idea what could be going on in this case either.

Any ideas?
Or am I just crazy?


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