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But it is so dang expensive. So my friends and I are pooling together all of our old bras and I’m listing them on Ebay so we can get some new threads for spring. I listed them for under 1/2 of how much they cost in stores – SO – even if you are hurting due to this economy – you can still feel like a lingerie queen! AND if you are looking for clothing – I just listed a bunch of new stuff in my Bonanazle booth!


Click here for my items on Ebay!

Click here for my Bonanzle Booth!


My boyfriend gave me the sweetest complement a girl like me could ever ask for the other day.

It was not quite – “You are très belle, tonight, Mademoiselle” – but it was better…

“You are the best dressed poor person I know Jen.”

Matt has a way with words. You see, my entire wardrobe which is overflowing hasn’t cost me over $150. My dresser is full, closet is full, and I have bins full of stuff I have packed away depending on the season.

All my jeans are either American Eagle, Hollister, or Abercrombie.
Hanging up you will find the same stuff plus Express, Guess, The Limited, and Charlotte Russe.
Look in my athletic clothes and you will only find Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Puma.
Go through all my shoes and you will find Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, Etnies, Adio, and whatever the heels I have are.

I have so much and have spent so little.

When I was in high school – I wasn’t the best dressed kid by far. My parents didn’t have the money for me to go to the mall and get all the nice stuff- Walmart kept me clothed comfortably.

Once I graduated high school, I started going to garage sales and thrift stores. I spend less money than my parents used to and if you didn’t know me – you would think I was a mall rat.

To this day I have never gone into the mall and walked out with anything. Instead I lavish myself at the Salvation Army. Granted I get gifts of clothes so I do have some new things – but that is rare – and I guess I am picky.

So now, I am selling my extra clothes online and maybe one day I will go get a new outfit – after I pay my student loans, insurance, and all those other lovely bills.

So – if you want to take a gander – check out my booth on Bonanzle.

So to keep the gas money coming in I have been doing online selling. I used to do Ebay but the company got too greedy in my opinion and started over charging for fees and now it just isn’t worth it anymore. So now I am selling on – there are no fees and it has a close knit community of users. Love it. Pops got me into it. He says the only way to sell stuff on there is to market the site and spread the word of Bonanzle around – so here I am on WordPress. Personally on Bonanzle I list gently used clothing or new clothing at low prices. Stuff I sell is usually Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, Nike, Victorias Secret, and so on and so forth – so check out my booth and if you see something you like – let clothes the deal…




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