So I finally got a job – making way less than what my college degree promised. I am working at an assisted living facility which is a step up from a nursing home. Its really nice – I would gladly ship my relatives off here. I finished training last week and just finished my second day there yesterday. I worked a 12 hour shift and then a 14 hour shift. Kinda ridiculous since I am new – but hey its money.

My mom was a nurse – spent a lot of time working in nursing homes and she warned me about the men. The men can be disgusting, rude, and unpleasant to work for. I figured this wouldn’t be an issue with me because I am just “assisting” with medication.

So after my first two days, here is my initial response.

Mom, you were right. The men are terrible. First there is “Ted”. The first thing he told me was that I was “curvy” and that he liked that. Then he told me that he wished he had some Playboys to read – gross – he is in his 80s. Then the next night I went into his room and tried to get him to take his medicine. I was standing there and then he got mouthy again with me. as I went to hand him his pills he tried to cop a feel. Pissed me off. Then he kept asking if he could take pictures of me with his digital camera. He said “you probably just think i am terrible” and I told him that yes I thought he was. He then asked me if I was going to leave him all alone that night with “this” before I saw what “this” was – i left.

Another patient “Fred”. Ripped me a new one because I didnt know that one of his pills needed to be broken in half – otherwise it would get stuck in his throat. No one told me that in my training – he is still younger and looks like he is in better shape than most of the other patients. Old frail women swallow these horse pills but he cant swallow a regular sized one. How was I supposed to know? I apologized and just let his sit there and rip me. I told the nurse that he wasnt going to let me give him his meds – she came to his room with me and he acted clueless as to what they were talking about. Bastard.

Then there is “James”. We have a heavier woman on staff and he always asks her if she is pregnant. He cuts out weight loss ads for her. Really cuts her down.

So what am I as a staff member supposed to do? Sit there and take it with a smile.

They do not pay nearly enough for this job.

All of the men I wrote about are in their right minds too. I just want this to be an opportunity for me to express to you – if you ship your loved ones out to a home or living assisted facility – ask staff how your family member acts towards them – I think it would make one hell of a difference – at least to the staff member.