When you go to the gym:
*Don’t spend all your time on cardio equipment – strength training is essential to toning up your body
*When you are on cardio equipment – don’t use the stabilized handles for support unless it is absolutely necessary – this will only make the action easier.
*Remember – everyday is not the Worlds Strongest Man competition. To have form is better than using overly heavy weights and being at risk to injure yourself.
*Wipe your sweat off the machines – nothings worse than stuck on swass.
*Remove the weights off of bars after you are done – you are there to lift after all.
*Don’t hog the machines -it’s not YOUR gym.
*Before you take a machine – make sure the prior user was completely done using it.
*The gym isn’t a hangout – don’t just go there to mess around on your iphone – do work son. Sure it’s a great place to meet people – but if you just stand around the whole time not doing any work you will just look like a major tool.
*Don’t stare at yourself in the mirror constantly – yes the mirror does help to ensure you are using proper form – but you will look like a jackass when you keep “accidentally” exposing your chiseled abs as you lift your shirt completely up to wipe the sweat off your brow.
*Make sure you warm up and cool down followed by light stretching to aid in reducing soreness.
*There is more to gaining that ideal body size/type than what is at the gym – make sure you are maintaining a proper diet.
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*Compiled by my wonderful boyfriend who is a ISSA certified personal trainer and plain old me.