So I watched TMZ on TV once and came to the conclusion that the show is ran on and by some of the biggest pieces of crap out there. Paparazzi piss me off in the first place but TMZ goes out of their way to egg a person on just to get a reaction. Really if you sit around watching that garbage and you get off on it – I think you too have joined their dumbass rankings.

I just don’t understand the paparazzi in the first place – why pry into the private lives of others? What they do in their own time is their own business. People are so goddamn nosey all the time. TMZ just magnifies it all to the point of absurdity.

The photographers and the filmers that work for TMZ are nothing more than low lifes with nothing else to do than try to make a mockery of people who have accomplished something and made a name for themselves – perhaps these are they people who were picked on during their grade/high school years who never had any friends and lacked social skills – if so, it doesn’t look like anything has changed for them.

Sidetrack – So what if Jessica Simpson put on weight? Changes in weight are a natural occurrence. No, lets blow it out of proportion and send a message to the little girls all over the country that slight weight gain will turn you into a public joke.

Ugh. This was a quick rant but i’m glad I put it out there.

These people ooze my cheesmos.