So when I was in high school everyone told me that I needed to take school more seriously because I needed to go to college in order to get a good job.

Well people – I graduated with a Public Relations/Communications degree from a private school in May with a 3.4 GPA. FINALLY last week I got hired at a place that solely requires a high school diploma and I am driving  a total of 3 hours a day to work a day and back in order to earn $10 something an hour.

I look back at all of my friends from high school who worked straight out of school and they are the ones driving the nice cars, living in their own apartments, getting married, and starting families.

Where am I? $30k in debt working at a job that has nothing to do with my major going no where in life. I can’t find a job because it seems like the unemployed market is flooded with applicants for the positions I am applying for that have on top of a degree – experience. Not the route everyone had anticipated me going in 5 years ago…


I’m just bummed out today.

Anyone that knows of any open pr/comm positions in the Aurora, Naperville, Chicagoland area – let me know.

Until then – guess i’ll have to keep on lisiting on Bonanzle and keeping my fingers crossed.