OK, first off I should say that I don’t live in poverty. I have everything I could ask for and for that I am grateful.

My mom hasn’t worked in 15 years due to a back injury.
My dad got laid off 5 years ago and no one wants to hire someone at his age, he too is physically limited to what he can do.
My story? I went to a private school for college for the past four years – paid for it all on my own by working my ass off. As soon as I graduated – couldn’t find a job to save my life. I finally got a job last week that only required a high school diploma – I sold myself short.

Even growing up with my parents and two brothers, we were never wealthy and by most peoples standards we weren’t even close to being comfortable; but we were happy.

I think since I grew up with out all the things I wanted – it made me a better person. When I was in school I always got picked on because I wore handmedowns and off brand clothes. But with that, the friends that I made were quality. They didn’t judge me on my clothes, they judged me for me and that has been what has made those relationships last.

When I do find a side job – I work my ass off. I would say I am an extremely dedicated worker and that is because I value the money. It makes no sense for a person to hire me to do a job and then half ass it.

The main thing I have been doing to supply myself with gas money is selling stuff online. I get most of my clothes used or secondhand still – but I get the name brands I always wanted. In turn when I realize I have too much I list them online and someone else can enjoy having nice clothes for a lot less than they would pay at the mall. You can see what I sell here.

Back to the original topic:

Holidays are always awkward with my boyfriend of nearly 6 years. His family showers me with gifts and spends a crapload on me. My family, we cant do that. Matt will get something small, but it has meaning behind it.

It seems like whenever I get gifts from his family – it is all about the money. His mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I was running out of shampoo, Burts Bees, and needed new socks. This shocked her. Sure, I can afford to go out and buy this stuff myself – I am not destitute, but it would be a good gift – something I could actually use. Instead I got another Ipod – because apparently mine wasnt good enough. I am grateful to be a part of Matts family and the materialistic things they give me on the holidays blow my mind, but to me they lack substance.

For Valentines Day, our friends all made reservations to expensive resturants, the girls got beautiful jewelry etc. What did Matt n I do. We made eachother old school construction paper cards and watched Scrubs on dvd all night. I loved it.

To sum it up – to some extent I think people who grew up without the financial stability we all hope for are more senimental than those who did.