So I just read this article off of someones Twitter and it stunned me.
Read it yourself.

So Facebook is keeping all your stuff even if you delete it. Even if someones posts that picture of you doing your first kegstand on there and you untag it – it will still be there, even if the owner deletes it. I understand that you post your stuff on there but I think you should have the right to remove it at anytime. People grow up and decide the picture of them streaking through to quad won’t look the greatest to future employers – even though it was a good time sophmore year.

It is wild that they can just all the sudden update the contract agreement and not tell you. I would have never known if it wasn’t for my Twitter feed… Uggh.

I have always wondered if this idea was in effect or soon will be – you know how you can mark your profile as to being private and only your friends can see it? I wonder if Facebook will/has sold out to corporate America and offered companies a breach of privacy so they can have unlimited access to whatever profile they wish to see…

It would be a good money making ploy for the site but may cause problems for a lot of its members…