I for one am against spousal abuse – no one should have to go through that and its a shame how often it occurs in society and how underplayed it is.

So Chris Brown is in trouble for battery against his girlfriend Rihanna. He will probably end up losing his endorsements from all/most of the companies that he works with over this case.

BUT think about this – if he got into an altercation with another man – this would not be an issue – that would just be overlooked and everything would be hunky-dory in his neck of the woods – but its not – because he struck a woman.

It just doesn’t seem fair that because he hit a woman his career is over and if he hit a guy he would seem to be a bad-ass if it even made the news. How often do we hear of women who get in trouble for striking a man? Rarely – but it occurs. Maybe men don’t report it because they don’t want to look like less of a man, maybe they don’t report it because it wont be taken seriously – whatever the case is – battery is battery regardless of sex and I think the penalties and repercussions should be more evenly distributed not only in the law system but in societies eyes as a whole.

If you haven’t noticed yet – the ideas that come from my mind are pretty nontraditional – but I hope I spark your mind to think a little bit outside of the box. If even for a moment you consider what I type to have some sort of validation – ill have a sense of accomplishment.