Yesterday as I was driving home from getting a TB test done I drove past a Hooters and started to think…

I for one have never been to a Hooters establishment nor will I ever go to one. For one – I think you just pay for the atmosphere and being a recent college graduate – my fine dining is all on the dollar menu. Secondly – I completely thought of Hooters as beingdegrading towards women – until yesterday.

Parading around in a skanky outfit trying to earn tips really isn’t my cup of tea. I have heard plenty of people talk about Hooters in the sense that they went there – were expecting a large chested chick to wait on them – only to get a “dud”. It was in the cases of the duds that they didn’t earn as high of a tip as they would have if they were more attractive. This is merely situational and could occur at any establishment of course but I could see it happening more at Hooters.

Now here is the idea that I picked up on yesterday – the women of Hooters could be seen as empowered. They use their sex appeal to earn higher wages. They may use the if you got it – flaunt it idea. Some women that work there are so gorgeous that they could have the men (or women) they are waiting on wrapped around their finger.

Even so, as it may seem empowering – if I ever had a daughter – I don’t think I would approve of her working at one.

And that is that.