My best friend Mark decided to start doing tattoos about a year and a half ago. His first victim was of course himself and then my boyfriend Matt. Then I got a lower back piece… ink above the stink… tramp stamp…whatever you will.  Since he was just starting out – they took him awhile to do so I had to do it in two sessions.

First Session Of The Tramp Stamp:

1st Stars SessionWhen he left that day (as he does house calls) I basically said screw that and i’m not getting it finished. But of course I decided I wanted color after I forgot about how bad it hurt.

Second Session Of The Tramp Stamp:

2nd Stars Session

I got the five stars for each member of my family including myself. The nautical stars represent being able to find your way home and in essence being true to yourself. The colors came about from the three track team colors I had been on. This was my first tattoo and I vowed never to get one again…

Until I forgot about the pain and decided to get my upper back done… This time around I just wanted to keep with the traditional theme and decided on some sparrows and a banner.
Originally I wanted to go with the Bob Marley quote “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know i’m not perfect and I don’t live to be, but before you start pointing fingers… make sure your hands are clean.”

Sparrows Idea

I soon realized that was too wordy for the area that I wanted to cover and searched online and found a quote that intrigued me. “Every saint has a past, ever sinner has a future.” How true that is. I think the meaning behind it goes without saying. I have a past, much of what I am not proud of but I have changed my ways and can live without constantly reminding myself of my faults. This was a three sessioner… it was rough but thanks to Vicodin – I made it through…

First Sparrow Session:

Sparrow Outline - 1st sessionThe ouline was rough…

Second Sparrow Session:

Sparrows Shaded 2nd SessionAt the start of the second session he did the shading and that needle is a bitch. I liked the way it looked and contomplated just keeping it in black and white, but…

Sparrows Colored 2ns SessionI decided I had to have it colored.

Third and Final Sparrow Session

Sparrows Done 3rd Session

And now we come to the final chapter of the tattoo saga… It is finally finished – I just got it done 2 days ago so it is still inflamed and all that but I am pretty satisfied with the results…