So I am no pro with the politics behind gay vs straight and that whole deal – but this is just an idea that popped up in my head – take it for what you will – I am just a straight girl that gets philosophical as she gets tattooed.

I don’t believe that bisexuality exists.

Yup. That my friends is my thesis. I don’t think it exists based on the simple fact that in the end (not always but most commonly) you end up with one person – your “soulmate” if you will. Bisexuality i think is  a state of confusion, or it could be seen as a path you could take until you ultimately choose what feels right to you. You can be attracted to the different sexes and have one preference over the other and not realize it. I think after you spend a while in the “bisexual” dating pool you will find that perfect fit for you whether it is a man or a woman will determine your gay or straightness.

This theory goes to crap though once you bring in trans-genders and all that jazz.

Just my two cents – I don’t think this should offend anyone but I welcome any comments you may have on this topics. My boyfriend and I got into a debate and he shot me dead in the water without really taking my ideas into consideration so really I am looking for a few honest opinions.