I love sports – have since I was a wee lass. Some of the fondest memories of my childhood were family get-togethers at our big pink house on Sundays donning Chicago Bears apparel. Oh the Peyton years, how I miss thee. I guess watching the Super Bowl tonight just rekindled my football memories. I’m a die hard Bears fan – every year once football season starts you will see me weekly in my Urlacher, Briggs, or Hester  jersey. Once Bears season is over – i’m not as devoted to the sport – but tonight’s game blew me out of the water – phenomenal.

Other than football games here and there I will watch the Cubs and Bulls, but i’m more of a contact sport kinda girl.

Unless of course we are talking about my ultimate passion in live… track and field. I threw shot-put and discus for 10 years – 2 in junior high, 4 in high school, and four in college. While in college I also picked up hammer and weight. Went to state twice, division 3 nationals 3 times. Oh when I see meets on TV – those are the good days. Adam Nelson – you blow me away. Discus

I’m also really into lifting and fitness and all that – you kind of get that mindset I think being a collegiate athlete. I’m considering getting my personal training certification sometime soon in hopes that maybe i could find a job in that area.

So that’s about it for sports today kiddos. If you are a female looking into buying some athletic apparel – I would suggest checking out my Bonanzle booth for some awesomely cheap name brand threads…