But it is so dang expensive. So my friends and I are pooling together all of our old bras and I’m listing them on Ebay so we can get some new threads for spring. I listed them for under 1/2 of how much they cost in stores – SO – even if you are hurting due to this economy – you can still feel like a lingerie queen! AND if you are looking for clothing – I just listed a bunch of new stuff in my Bonanazle booth!


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I went to a garage sale today (first one of the season) and found the most AMAZING thing ever – and original Smurf sheet bedding set – 3 sheets and 2 pillowcases in AWESOME shape!! This works out well for me considering the house payment is coming up. I also got Ninja Turtles, Batman, and The Super Friends (all the superheros)… Keep an eye out! Check my auction out here!




PS – my hours at work got cut dramatically – so I shall be WordPressing more often.

So I finally got a job – making way less than what my college degree promised. I am working at an assisted living facility which is a step up from a nursing home. Its really nice – I would gladly ship my relatives off here. I finished training last week and just finished my second day there yesterday. I worked a 12 hour shift and then a 14 hour shift. Kinda ridiculous since I am new – but hey its money.

My mom was a nurse – spent a lot of time working in nursing homes and she warned me about the men. The men can be disgusting, rude, and unpleasant to work for. I figured this wouldn’t be an issue with me because I am just “assisting” with medication.

So after my first two days, here is my initial response.

Mom, you were right. The men are terrible. First there is “Ted”. The first thing he told me was that I was “curvy” and that he liked that. Then he told me that he wished he had some Playboys to read – gross – he is in his 80s. Then the next night I went into his room and tried to get him to take his medicine. I was standing there and then he got mouthy again with me. as I went to hand him his pills he tried to cop a feel. Pissed me off. Then he kept asking if he could take pictures of me with his digital camera. He said “you probably just think i am terrible” and I told him that yes I thought he was. He then asked me if I was going to leave him all alone that night with “this” before I saw what “this” was – i left.

Another patient “Fred”. Ripped me a new one because I didnt know that one of his pills needed to be broken in half – otherwise it would get stuck in his throat. No one told me that in my training – he is still younger and looks like he is in better shape than most of the other patients. Old frail women swallow these horse pills but he cant swallow a regular sized one. How was I supposed to know? I apologized and just let his sit there and rip me. I told the nurse that he wasnt going to let me give him his meds – she came to his room with me and he acted clueless as to what they were talking about. Bastard.

Then there is “James”. We have a heavier woman on staff and he always asks her if she is pregnant. He cuts out weight loss ads for her. Really cuts her down.

So what am I as a staff member supposed to do? Sit there and take it with a smile.

They do not pay nearly enough for this job.

All of the men I wrote about are in their right minds too. I just want this to be an opportunity for me to express to you – if you ship your loved ones out to a home or living assisted facility – ask staff how your family member acts towards them – I think it would make one hell of a difference – at least to the staff member.

This week had its ups and downs.

I had to go to Med Tech training 2 hours away all week – which wasted a lot of my time and gas.I guess I never realized how incompetence some people can be.

I was trifling through my room trying to get my life back in order when I cam across my NES and it has been love ever since.

Dr. Mario – Duck Hunt – Mike Tysons Punch Out – Double Dragon – Metroid – Jaws – Castlevania – Blaster Master…

Takes ya back to the olden days.

Well anyways – I have doubles of a lot of my games so if you are looking to add to your own NES collection – check out my Bonanzle Booth.

So, I don’t have insurance – Haven’t really for about 5 years now. So all in the meantime – I have become a self diagnoser – well actually, I have always been one. I recently got a job and now I am in the home stretch of getting insurance. 3 months to go until I will finally be able to go to the drs. without that overcoming fear of “how am I going to pay for this?”

My parents like to tell the story of my hypochondriac-ism as a child. When I went to the drs. I would come with a list filled with every last problem I had – even then I wanted to get my monies worth. One day I was reading the list off and the dr said, “looks like she has a case of hypochondria”. I looked at him and replied – “yeahhhh and I got it reallll bad!”

Now i’m older and thanks to the Internet I can type in my symptoms and scare myself sh*tless. Thankfully I can go to the drs soon enough and see if im crazy, still a hypochondriac, or if there is actually a problem.

Here’s my list –

I think I have exercise induced asthma. I had asthma up until high school – then I stopped playing sports that required running and I was fine. Now that I graduated college I am trying to get into shape by hitting the treadmill 4 times a week. I’ve been working on it since November and still I get winded easily. I am not overweight – don’t smoke – and yet I struggle to breathe at 1/2 mile.

Ever since I remember – I have had a picking/scratching problem. The drs always told us try a different laundry detergent and try this and that – but to this day it still persists. I will tear up my legs without realizing it and who ever is around me will have to tell me to stop. It’s worse in my sleep when I have no one to wake me up and to tell me to stop. If I do wake up or the scratching becomes persistent while I am away – I have to take a scalding hot shower and then I am fine. If I have the smallest imperfection on my face, I will pick and pick at it and of course it always gets worse. It’s an OCD type of thing (though not full blown) it may be Dermatillomania. I have run out of ideas on this one.

The latest thing that has been occurring is that I have been having severe cramping. Random times throughout the month – while rules out pms or anything like that. I will have sharp sharp pains around my uterine area, or lower stomach to the point where I cant move. Sometimes i’ll be walking and I will keel over in pain. The worst time was on this past Saturday, 3 hours and I was in pain. The pains would just keep coming- it consumed my entire stomach and lower back  – and I was sobbing uncontrollably from the pain. I would like to think that I have a decently high pain tolerance since I enjoy getting tattoos. I was with my boyfriend and he kept trying to get me to go to the ER and I wanted to go – but again, there would be no way for me to foot the bill.  So I have no idea what could be going on in this case either.

Any ideas?
Or am I just crazy?

When you go to the gym:
*Don’t spend all your time on cardio equipment – strength training is essential to toning up your body
*When you are on cardio equipment – don’t use the stabilized handles for support unless it is absolutely necessary – this will only make the action easier.
*Remember – everyday is not the Worlds Strongest Man competition. To have form is better than using overly heavy weights and being at risk to injure yourself.
*Wipe your sweat off the machines – nothings worse than stuck on swass.
*Remove the weights off of bars after you are done – you are there to lift after all.
*Don’t hog the machines -it’s not YOUR gym.
*Before you take a machine – make sure the prior user was completely done using it.
*The gym isn’t a hangout – don’t just go there to mess around on your iphone – do work son. Sure it’s a great place to meet people – but if you just stand around the whole time not doing any work you will just look like a major tool.
*Don’t stare at yourself in the mirror constantly – yes the mirror does help to ensure you are using proper form – but you will look like a jackass when you keep “accidentally” exposing your chiseled abs as you lift your shirt completely up to wipe the sweat off your brow.
*Make sure you warm up and cool down followed by light stretching to aid in reducing soreness.
*There is more to gaining that ideal body size/type than what is at the gym – make sure you are maintaining a proper diet.
*Finally – check out my booth for brand name athletic clothing at a low low price

*Compiled by my wonderful boyfriend who is a ISSA certified personal trainer and plain old me.

So I watched TMZ on TV once and came to the conclusion that the show is ran on and by some of the biggest pieces of crap out there. Paparazzi piss me off in the first place but TMZ goes out of their way to egg a person on just to get a reaction. Really if you sit around watching that garbage and you get off on it – I think you too have joined their dumbass rankings.

I just don’t understand the paparazzi in the first place – why pry into the private lives of others? What they do in their own time is their own business. People are so goddamn nosey all the time. TMZ just magnifies it all to the point of absurdity.

The photographers and the filmers that work for TMZ are nothing more than low lifes with nothing else to do than try to make a mockery of people who have accomplished something and made a name for themselves – perhaps these are they people who were picked on during their grade/high school years who never had any friends and lacked social skills – if so, it doesn’t look like anything has changed for them.

Sidetrack – So what if Jessica Simpson put on weight? Changes in weight are a natural occurrence. No, lets blow it out of proportion and send a message to the little girls all over the country that slight weight gain will turn you into a public joke.

Ugh. This was a quick rant but i’m glad I put it out there.

These people ooze my cheesmos.

So when I was in high school everyone told me that I needed to take school more seriously because I needed to go to college in order to get a good job.

Well people – I graduated with a Public Relations/Communications degree from a private school in May with a 3.4 GPA. FINALLY last week I got hired at a place that solely requires a high school diploma and I am driving  a total of 3 hours a day to work a day and back in order to earn $10 something an hour.

I look back at all of my friends from high school who worked straight out of school and they are the ones driving the nice cars, living in their own apartments, getting married, and starting families.

Where am I? $30k in debt working at a job that has nothing to do with my major going no where in life. I can’t find a job because it seems like the unemployed market is flooded with applicants for the positions I am applying for that have on top of a degree – experience. Not the route everyone had anticipated me going in 5 years ago…


I’m just bummed out today.

Anyone that knows of any open pr/comm positions in the Aurora, Naperville, Chicagoland area – let me know.

Until then – guess i’ll have to keep on lisiting on Bonanzle and keeping my fingers crossed.

OK, first off I should say that I don’t live in poverty. I have everything I could ask for and for that I am grateful.

My mom hasn’t worked in 15 years due to a back injury.
My dad got laid off 5 years ago and no one wants to hire someone at his age, he too is physically limited to what he can do.
My story? I went to a private school for college for the past four years – paid for it all on my own by working my ass off. As soon as I graduated – couldn’t find a job to save my life. I finally got a job last week that only required a high school diploma – I sold myself short.

Even growing up with my parents and two brothers, we were never wealthy and by most peoples standards we weren’t even close to being comfortable; but we were happy.

I think since I grew up with out all the things I wanted – it made me a better person. When I was in school I always got picked on because I wore handmedowns and off brand clothes. But with that, the friends that I made were quality. They didn’t judge me on my clothes, they judged me for me and that has been what has made those relationships last.

When I do find a side job – I work my ass off. I would say I am an extremely dedicated worker and that is because I value the money. It makes no sense for a person to hire me to do a job and then half ass it.

The main thing I have been doing to supply myself with gas money is selling stuff online. I get most of my clothes used or secondhand still – but I get the name brands I always wanted. In turn when I realize I have too much I list them online and someone else can enjoy having nice clothes for a lot less than they would pay at the mall. You can see what I sell here.

Back to the original topic:

Holidays are always awkward with my boyfriend of nearly 6 years. His family showers me with gifts and spends a crapload on me. My family, we cant do that. Matt will get something small, but it has meaning behind it.

It seems like whenever I get gifts from his family – it is all about the money. His mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I was running out of shampoo, Burts Bees, and needed new socks. This shocked her. Sure, I can afford to go out and buy this stuff myself – I am not destitute, but it would be a good gift – something I could actually use. Instead I got another Ipod – because apparently mine wasnt good enough. I am grateful to be a part of Matts family and the materialistic things they give me on the holidays blow my mind, but to me they lack substance.

For Valentines Day, our friends all made reservations to expensive resturants, the girls got beautiful jewelry etc. What did Matt n I do. We made eachother old school construction paper cards and watched Scrubs on dvd all night. I loved it.

To sum it up – to some extent I think people who grew up without the financial stability we all hope for are more senimental than those who did.

So I just read this article off of someones Twitter and it stunned me.
Read it yourself.

So Facebook is keeping all your stuff even if you delete it. Even if someones posts that picture of you doing your first kegstand on there and you untag it – it will still be there, even if the owner deletes it. I understand that you post your stuff on there but I think you should have the right to remove it at anytime. People grow up and decide the picture of them streaking through to quad won’t look the greatest to future employers – even though it was a good time sophmore year.

It is wild that they can just all the sudden update the contract agreement and not tell you. I would have never known if it wasn’t for my Twitter feed… Uggh.

I have always wondered if this idea was in effect or soon will be – you know how you can mark your profile as to being private and only your friends can see it? I wonder if Facebook will/has sold out to corporate America and offered companies a breach of privacy so they can have unlimited access to whatever profile they wish to see…

It would be a good money making ploy for the site but may cause problems for a lot of its members…

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